Google Adsense : How to Set up Fine-Tune Controls

Fine-tune controls for in-page ads allow you to take more ownership over the user experience and revenue generated by their ads.

To ensure that ads are not disruptive to your content and generate the maximum revenue, customize the number of ads shown, the spacing, the placement within article pages and exclude certain areas.

Google Adsense : How to Set up Fine-Tune Controls

How it works?

Fine-tune controls give you greater control of how ads appear on your site by adding some new settings that allow you to:
  • Set the maximum number of in-page ads
  • Choose your desired spacing between ads
  • Identify more potential ad placements

How to set up fine-tune controls

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2. Click Ads. In the table of all your sites, click Edit next to your site. Your site opens in the ad settings preview.

Google Adsense : How to Set up Fine-Tune Controls

3. Under "Ad settings", turn on Auto ads. 

4. Click In-page formats.


5. Turn on Fine-tune your ads. Choose your options:
  • Maximum number of ads: Use the slider to set the maximum number of ads.

  • Minimum distance between ads: Adjust the distance between ads in pixels using the slider.

  • Find more ad placements on article pages: Select the checkbox if you want Auto ads to identify more potential ad placements on your pages.

6. Click Apply to site.

Note: Turning this control on doesn't mean Auto ads will show more ads, it simply identifies more potential areas on your page for ads to appear. You retain the ability to choose the ad quantity and the spacing between them.

It can take up to an hour for the new settings to be applied to your site.

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